Other things To Do

A festival just wouldn't be a festival without plenty of things to do!
Here are some of the things that we have planned (click any title to read more about it...)

{slider Cabaret featuring anyone that wants to join in!|closed}

Watch, take part, do both!  We invite all to share their skills, talents and enthusiasms in whatever way you think will entertain us!

{slider Opening & closing ceremonies|closed}

We gently bring you into Quintasensual with our opening ceremony that welcomes you if you are a newbie, an old timer and everything in between! We end with a way to celebrate your time here and to help you start to move back into the energies and ways of life outside of the festival, so you feel grounded and ready to take your experiences with you.

{slider Parties for cuddles, play and dressing up (or down!)|closed}

We have a cuddle soiree, dancing time, and play parties for your fun and exploration!

{slider Sacred sluts|closed}

This year we will have both the House of Heaven and the Temple of Love for your delectation.

{slider Sanctuary space |closed}

A clothes on, sex free space. The Sanctuary will always be open for you to pop in plus there will be times when you can come in to share with a listener what's going on with you or just get a hug. u may want to sleep or read or write or just be. You may feel a need to let the energy you have been part of process through you. You may want to talk through some experiences you have been having. Or you may need support to ground energy or to release something that has got stuck. You may want to tune in with the surrounding trees and let the earth hold you.

{slider Spa|closes}

Open all day the Spa is available for your relaxation pleasure. There is a hot tub, showers and sunny spot to relax naked in if you wish. There is also a spacious sauna that will be hot every evening.



  • Sun worship
  • Outdoor fires
  • Sharing groups
  • Grass, trees and nature
  • Smoking gardens and temple


Throughout the festival we will have lots of workshops. You can choose how many and which ones you want to go along to - take a look at the sorts of workshops that will be available.


A welcome place for...

Queers, Straights, Gays, Trans folk, Bisexuals, Sex therapists, Multisexuals, Sexual explorers, Heterosexuals, Pansexuals, Lesbians, Homosexuals, Dykes, Intersex, Disabled, Liberated, Poofs, Open Hearted, Faeries, Bois, Transgender, Questioners, Sex workers, Asexuals, Bi-Gendered, Genderqueer, Transsexuals, Curious people, Open Minded, QPOC, Those without labels ...



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